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Digital Media

Powered by DMY Media

DMY is a digital platform designed for the local business owner.  A software as a service (SAAS),  with a focus on the omnichannel approach encompassing advertising, social, web, mobile, print and more.

DMY is easy to use, and can help create and schedule content to share with your loyal customers and to connect with other businesses on the network. 

Community - It  takes  a  village  (of  businesses)  to  connect,  collaborate,  and  cooperate  —  to  weave  a  powerful,  lasting  community  that  brings  people  in  not  just  as  customers,  but  as  loyal  brand ambassadors.

Connect - We’re  stronger when we forge connections  that  create loyalty and  trust. Automatically SHARE fresh, daily content via network TV’s, print, social, email and more.

Collaborate - We're better when we recognize we can work together to achieve great things. Connect your business to a select NETWORK OF LOCAL businesses.


In today’s world, independent business owners wear many hats, and make many decisions related to sales, marketing and advertising.

 - Traditional (print and radio) vs. digital marketing
 - Building and maintaining a website
 - Paid online advertising
 - Email marketing
 - Reputation management
             ...and more

With so many options, choosing the best digital marketing option for your business can be daunting, especially when trying to decipher digital jargon, accurately calculating ROI, and properly aligning budgets for each channel.

From professional web design and development to strategies and targeted SEO (search engine optimization) to help your business stand out from your competitors raising your profile on social media using various creative actions to keep your fans engaged, elevating your brand is our business. 



Inspired to engage your customers in a different way? Let our Creative Services team open your mind with the possibilities.

The QuickShot Creative Services team is comprised of forward-thinking innovators, backed by years of professional marketing experience. Working together, we create captivating, attractive designs, targeted copy, or eye-catching video to help express your brand   

Our Creative Services team…

  • Keeps it simple for you by doing it all. Design, message or coding complexity… Relax, we’ve got this.
  • Effectively and consistently reflects your brand message with mindful creative that’s always on point.
  • Believes in open communication and collaboration to keep you informed throughout the process.

Revolutionize your brand. Create consumer engagement. Unify all platforms.