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We believe in a world where people and businesses in every community lift one another up and become stronger through the power of connection, collaboration, and cooperation.

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DMY is a digital platform designed for the local business owner.

A software as a service (SAAS) designed for the omni-channel, encompassing advertising, social, web, mobile, print and more.

Create and distribute content with a consistent message and unified branding across multiple media platforms with a cost-effective, easy-to-use program.



Animated TV displays automatically deliver beautifully-designed information to a growing community of like-minded businesses.

Benefits of Digital Signage: 

 • 37.7% increase in brand awareness 

  31.7% increase in sales

• 29.5% increase in purchase amounts

  32.8% customers become repeat customers

  32.8% increase in in-store traffic

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Connect Social Platforms 

Easily share your businesses' content across Facebook, Instagram, and your favorite social media channels for consistent brand messaging.


 • 75% of businesses believe digital media delivers the greatest ROI 

  95% of adults aged 18-34 are most likely to follow a brand via social media

  Visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared on social media than other types of content 

 • 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations



DMY offers solutions for creating attention-grabbing content for multiple media formats, which include:

- Calendars
- Lists
- Maps
- Tours
- Postcards
- Posters

Create once, distribute many!

The hardest part in any business is reaching potential customers when they are ready to buy. Without that, sales won’t increase, no matter how large your marketing/advertising efforts.

Pushing more content to existing customers is limited, real growth requires new customers.

The simplest approach to this problem can be solved with business cooperation,  connection, and collaboration. That's where DMY helps. 

DMY allows you to instantly create, share, and re-purpose content and broadcast that content to an expanding network of local business partners and other multi-media platforms such as print, social media, email and more. 

This content is displayed and distributed in high foot-traffic areas like coffee shops and doctors’ offices where potential customers can learn about your business and plan a visit to your shop.



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Best marketing investment we have ever made. One month on the platform, three bikes sold at the store directly from new customers because they noticed us on DMY daily displays. 
Patrick Rosen
Kelowna Cycle 

Getting Started

• Low Monthly Software Fee

• Low setup fees 

• No contract

A la carte options available 

• Managed services 

• Monthly photography services

• Increased visibility to other markets 

• Directory placement 

• Sales and marketing training and support 

• Partner advertising programs 


Digital Media & Marketing Solutions for the Local Business Owner