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DMY for the local business community

We believe in a world where people and businesses in every community lift up one another and become stronger through the power of cooperation, connection, and collaboration. 

The Solution for the Local Business Community

The value of offering real-time information.  

Create and distribute content with a consistent message and unified branding in different formats across multiple media platforms through DMY software. 

Fill out the form to download our Introduction to DMY or contact us for more information to Connect, Collaborate, and Cooperate with your Community today!



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Download: An Introduction to DMY

Connect | Collaborate | Cooperate

• What if you leveraged technology to make your community connections stronger? 

• What if you could reach people more often, in more locations, and in different media formats? 

• What if you could reach customers when they are actively shopping, and influence them to visit your location? 

• What if we could automatically promote your reciprocal network of business friends? 

• What if working together was more effective than competing? 


It isn't about creating ads that people passively see or hear. It's about creating the tools so people take action.