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Think Social Media Marketing Isn't Worth the Investment? Think Again...

Jun 13, 2018 7:23:56 AM / by Julie Anne Gniadek

Our world is connected 24/7, thanks in large part to social media. Although this statement has become cliché, what isn’t cliché is the opportunity embedded within social media…

Over the last several years, more and more businesses that swore that they would never succumb to the digital age have seen real value—and ROI—in leveraging social media in their marketing campaigns.

Seasoned marketing professionals understand having a strategy behind their social media efforts is the most important part of broadcasting a company message and increasing brand awareness and recognition.

For example, companies that simply scream into the wind will find it difficult to increase conversion rates. By making everyone a part of their audience, and hoping their targets are sophisticated enough to pick out their messages, businesses are halting their progress before they even get started... 

Every marketing guru will tell you this is a bad idea.

So, what does work? Read on to learn more about why social media is always worth the investment.

1. Start Targeting

A good place to start is to identify your target audience. This consists of finding people who are interested in your message and offerings, without overspending… What’s worse than spending a lot of money and getting little in the way of profits?

After all, the goal of marketing is to see the highest return on investment possible. A High ROI means your marketing team is targeting the right audience, providing engaging content, and ultimately making the right marketing modality investment choices.

2. Yes, The Right Platform Matters.

Yes, social media involves some initial investment, just like any marketing strategy, really. The good news is social media provides the right platform to blow your ROI numbers out of the water.

Furthermore, many business owners and marketing professionals end up spending more time developing materials rather than finding their targeted audiences. But when managed properly, social media marketing provides unmatched ROI opportunities due to the relatively low entry cost and the potential to quickly find targeted audiences.

Now, not just any person can go on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest or any other sharing platform and expect immediate success.

3. Create Audience-Appealing Content—Not an Algorithm

There are specific marketing methods that apply in each environment.The first method is to create content that appeals to your audience, not an algorithm. Many people on the SEO side of marketing believe that simply throwing a bunch of keywords into their content will automatically boost their Google rankings. The truth is content matters in terms of quality, creativity, and relevancy. People need to feel connected to what they read.

For example, this is why political campaigns quickly attract followers and get conversions – even if it’s as simple as getting an email address.

4. Find Your Niche.

Regardless of whether your company has been in business 10 minutes or 10 years, your business has a niche. Who are the customers in your niche? What are your customers’ unique problems? How does your company solve those problems? How does your company solve these problems better than your competitors? If your content answers these questions, it will go viral, leading to an increase in ROI.

5. Social Media is a Skyscraper.

At this point, you are probably asking what content makes social media marketing successful. It’s simple – your content needs to position your business as an authority on a subject along with having a good call to action not just at the end, but placed strategically throughout.

Other ways to make yourself an authority is through strategic linking. A great method is the skyscraper method. This involves linking to good reputable content and getting your links on these types of sites as well.

With that being said, social media isn’t a place to go to read lengthy pieces of content. Remember, quality over quantity and visuals all matter. Sharing compelling and relevant visuals is critical. Having your graphics department working on pairing compelling text in an aesthetically pleasing format does wonders for improving ROI.

All in all, if you think that social media isn’t worth the trouble, or the investment, think again… Thanks to social media, today’s businesses are able to reach more people than ever, and when you have an effective social media strategy, profits become a fait accompli instead of a hope. Remember, agility is the key to growth.

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Julie Anne Gniadek

Written by Julie Anne Gniadek