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What is DMY, and Why Does Your Business Need It?

Jun 29, 2018 8:33:41 AM / by Julie Anne Gniadek

The reality of business marketing is that not all solutions are created equal. However, the best solutions are those that combine cutting-edge technology, high return on investment, and brilliant content to capture the attention of targeted audiences.

In terms of digital marketing for small business, this means thinking outside the box and using creativity to build the stream of conversions essential to success.

What Omni-channel Marketing is, and Why it Works

One of the best ways to ensure that your business is consistently reaching the right type of customers is through an omni channel marketing platform. These platforms allow people who wouldn’t recognize a business—or know that it exists—receive information and/ or be to a website, piece of content, phone number or email address.

One of the best ways omni-channel marketing for small business works is by leveraging partnerships between businesses. For example, two different businesses can market each other’s content towards customers that may be untraditional but interested audiences via social sharing on community platforms. Because both businesses operate in different sectors, there’s no competition—just sharing.

What Are the Benefits?

How does a solution that involves businesses helping one another market work? Very simple – using an omni channel marketing strategy gets a message out to audiences throughout various communities. In turn, another business does the same for your business.

This type of solution only requires omni channel marketing software and perhaps some digital media signage to present a message. Think about digital boards mounted in large buildings or monitors in doctors’ offices. These are perfect opportunities for businesses to pool their resources and work with one another.

In terms of digital signage alone, the benefits are immense. Using DMY software for business – the software needed for these signage marketing solutions – is a great place to start. DMY works with signage to present messages to the different customers, and it’s quite effective.

Here are some statistics demonstrating the benefits of DMY:

  1.  37.7% increase in brand awareness
  2.  31.7% increase in sales
  3.  29.5% increase in purchase amounts
  4.  32.8% of customers end up becoming repeat customers
  5.  32.8% increase in physical store traffic

All of these statistics show that digital signage alone provides one-third more customers. When you pair that with social networks, the numbers shoot through the roof. For example, 95 percent of people between the ages of 18-34 believe the best way for businesses to reach new customers and retain current customers is through social media networking.

To sum up, yes, using digital signage matters, but also having a presence where people congregate (even virtually) matters as well. The reason why social media works so well is because 78 percent of people trust their peer recommendations.

Going After NEW, Low-Hanging Fruit

Using DMY by partnering with businesses through signage and social networking is a critical way to ensure that your digital marketing initiatives involve reaching the low-hanging fruit.

For small businesses, there is no room for error. You don’t have the capital to throw at trying to solve problems. This is why investing in the right digital marketing solutions is critical. The ability to reach new audiences that otherwise may not notice your business is a surefire way to attract new customers.

The key is working with natural partnerships and thinking outside the box as well. Running a great social media campaign and having exciting signs is how you can make DMY work for you. Thanks to DMY, small business digital marketing is not so mysterious anymore – it’s just profitable!

Interested in learning more about DMY software and how it works? Download our FREE introductory guide to get a quick, behind-the-scenes look at DMY and how it can help the small, local business.




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Julie Anne Gniadek

Written by Julie Anne Gniadek