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How to Use Social Media for Your Local Business

Jul 25, 2018 5:13:59 AM / by Julie Anne Gniadek

The pervasive reach of social media is effective in moving needles for even the smallest of businesses. So, using social media for marketing just makes sense – even if you run your business out of your garage.

Small, local businesses can capitalize on their social media marketing efforts as well as boost their return on marketing investment.

Yet there is so much more that social media marketing can unlock for businesses.


The Importance of Social Media Marketing

We can’t express enough about how important social media marketing is for local businesses. By leveraging social media marketing effectively, these businesses can drive online and foot traffic to their brick-and-mortar establishments, or develop a responsive online sales portal.

Albeit important, rather than relying solely on word-of-mouth marketing, leveraging social media for business ensures businesses are interacting with and connecting with their communities.

Here are a few reasons why and how small businesses can benefit from social media marketing

- Unmatched Reach:

Consider the reach of social media – 97 percent of 18-34 year olds read online reviews before visiting a local business. And with 2.22 billion users worldwide, social media marketing reaches nearly everyone. Think about the opportunities and the possibilities…

-Incredible ROI:

Hiring a social media marketing agency for small business would be a nominal cost for any business considering the unmatched reach of social media, especially when the increased transactions more than pay for social media help for small business.

-Brand Accessibility:

Unless you’re a legacy brand, the benefits of interacting with customers are unmatched. Whether resolving a problem to manage your reputation or thanking someone for a good review, you automatically become a human face when your brand is accessible. This inevitably leads to trustworthiness as well as customer loyalty.

-Leveraging Partnerships:

Everyone knows the importance of networking, but social media allows you to network on a larger scale. Think about the partnerships that will help you drive revenue.
For example, if you are a realtor, then it pays (literally) to know professionals in service industries as these recommendations can help support other local businesses, which strengthens any community.

-Real-Time Customer Service:

Nothing can damage your business faster than a poor reputation. Social media allows your customers to interact with you in real time for their customer service inquiries. This level of accessibility and availability goes a long way in terms of customer service.

-Hitting Advertising Targets:

Instead of hoping that people see your ad in the local paper, social media advertising allows your ads to be seen by the target audience that would be interested in your services.
Social media provides this type of unmatched value provided that other advertising sources like the phone book or a billboard cannot replicate. Simply put – the people who see the ad, the more likely they are to walk through your doors.


Social Media Marketing Agency for Small Business

Unfortunately, many small businesses think social media doesn’t apply to them because of their size, but they have the wrong idea.

Of course, these are just six simple reasons why your business will benefit from social media marketing. But, we get it… Not every small business has time to sit on Facebook all day, hoping to connect with customers. Furthermore, not every business can afford to do this, in terms of available time and resources.

This is where investing in partnering with a social media agency for small business can help. QuickShot Media offers a range of affordable social media services plans designed specifically for small businesses.

All in all, by using social media, you can spread the message of your brand’s commitment to customer service and quality to a wider audience than you ever could through word-of-mouth marketing alone.

So, why not take advantage of the unique marketing opportunities afforded by social media? We are convinced that you will be able to watch your business grow faster than you ever thought possible! Get a social media assessment today


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Julie Anne Gniadek

Written by Julie Anne Gniadek